Monday June 17, 2019

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Hatchery: #Nielsen’s Bruce Haymes Seeks a Killer Solution

Yao Hui Huang and Bruce Haymes (photo: L. Keyson)

Yao Hui Huang and Bruce Haymes (photo: L. Keyson)

By Lauren Keyson

Bruce Haymes, a Nielsen senior VP, revealed information about a new fund his company is launching. At the Hatchery’s speaker event in Chelsea Friday, Haymes said Nielsen is partnering with Israel’s Office of the Chief Scientist to launch Nielsen Innovate. The advertising technology-focused venture incubator launches on Feb. 1st. It focuses on market intelligence, consumer behavior and technologies. It seeks disruptive solutions related to systems that analyze audience size and composition. The fund is also looking for industry solutions involving data management, advertising technologies and other tools that understand and create effective advertising.

“I like things that are not an app,” said Haymes. “People come with lots of apps: ‘This is like Clipboard for this’ and ‘This is like Pulse for that.’ What I really like, and one of the reasons I really like the Israeli market right now, is when there’s a mathematical algorithm or some science attached to something. Maybe it’s an application that came from somewhere else; maybe it came from a lab, defense forces, a surveillance group or spy group over there. Then they take that technology — that’s not really replicable — and apply it to a real world application.”

He thinks that the biggest problem that still needs to be solved is an effective way to measure mobile. “We’re going ‘cookie-less’ in the mobile world — both on tablets and on smartphones — and I think that the market intelligence associated with that is completely empty right now. The second thing is I would really like to see cloud-based data aggregation for the B2B environment in analytics to help simplify analytics. An audience is probably filled with people who provide all sorts of intelligence to different marketers or advertisers and who have different advertising solutions and what’s happening their brands and marketers and agencies are inundated or over inundated with data and information. I think that the killer solution would be if you could subscribe to the data feeds that you want; you could subscribe to Nielsen or comScore or IRI or some of these younger companies. The data would be up in the cloud and you could pull it down and create custom reports regardless of the source of the data. Right now everybody’s got their own customized platform — their own customized dashboard. We need something better.”