Tuesday June 19, 2018

#Hebrew School Moves into the 21st Century at NY #Tamid

Hebrew Alphabet in Rashi Script

Hebrew Alphabet in Rashi Script (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rabbi Darren Levine used to have second thoughts about teaching students Hebrew unless they had instruction several days a week. But since he’s been offering students instruction through the Online Learning Center portal, students practice on their own with self-paced exercises and games. “The kids don’t want to do just one lesson at home — they want to do six lessons at home,” Tamid’s Rabbi Levine told The Jewish Week. “I had a kid who did 20 lessons.” The NJ-based publisher of textbooks and materials for Hebrew schools, Behrman House, created the portal. It’s used in about 213 Hebrew schools nationally. David Behrman, president and publisher, said one of the company’s goals is showing children that Jewish content is moving into the 21st century.

The Jewish Week