Friday December 14, 2018

Lerer Ventures Hires Stoller and Korzenko for NY Office

Eric Hippeau

Eric Hippeau (Photo credit: jdlasica)

Lerer Ventures is hiring two new employees for its new $36 million early-stage fund. Max Stoller, a recent NYU graduate, and Nicola Korzenko will both be joining the company, according to The New York Observer. Korzenko previously worked at Signpost, Spark Capital and Creative Artists Agency. Stoller worked for both Hyperpublic as an engineer and at Foursquare while still in school. Eric Hippeau, partner at Lerer Ventures, told The Observer that Stoller is well known in the tech community. He’ll be reaching out to the community and finding all of the budding entrepreneurs. “He knows the young people to know much better than we do,” Mr. Hippeau said.

LV made headlines recently when it participated in a $19.3 million Series D for BuzzFeed—just about a year after it invested in the company’s $15.5 million Series C. Hippeau wouldn’t talk about BuzzFeed revenue, but only said he expects “them to be on a strong growth path.”

The New York Observer