Monday June 18, 2018

Lumiode Takes Times Square Digital Displays to a New and Smaller Level

Lumiode's microdisplay platform

Lumiode’s microdisplay platform

Lumiode is a NY-based developer of technology that makes brighter and more efficient electronic displays. Their work, still in the production phase, centers on making high-resolution displays for small spaces. The company formed last fall through Columbia Technology Ventures’ technology transfer program. Brian Tull, Lumiode’s VP of research and development, told Xconomy that, “We’re making displays in a similar way that Times Square displays are made, but we’re doing it on an extremely small scale.”

Digital displays in Times Square use individual LED lights for each pixel. Lumiode uses that same technology for use in 3D printing and other kinds of displays, including areas that could be mounted on a phone, tablet, computer or even Google Glasses. Tull told Xconomy, “We think within a year or two we’ll have prototype-level products.”