Friday April 20, 2018

Money is No Object at High End NY #Audio Salon

At Audio Arts, a sound system can cost as much as a one-room apartment. The stereo equipment store, located off Madison Square Park, has a marble fireplace, lovely park views and high security. Owner Gideon Schwartz told The Wall Street Journal that for most of his clients, it’s not about the money. “It’s about creating a spa of the soul.” He sells stereo systems costing nearly of a quarter of a million dollars. Zellaton speakers for $60,000; Burmester amplifiers and pre amps at $90,000; a Halborne Swill Analog Design turntable for $13,000; French Metronome compact disc transport and USB digital converter for $32,000; Van den Hul speaker wires at $15,000 and a Nagra phono stage for $9,000. Schwartz told one reticent customer, “The more you spend, the closer you get to musical truth.”

The Wall Street Journal