Monday November 19, 2018

NY Closes #VideoGame Accounts of Convicted Sex Offenders

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Video Game Cleanup. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Online games for children just got safer after NY State purged the gaming accounts of more than 2,100 registered sex offenders. NBC News reports that this is Operation: Game Over‘s second initiative and the first time that NY’s Electronic Securing and Targeting of Online Predators (e-STOP) has been applied to online gaming.

The law mandates that sex offenders register all of their online identities with the state. The accounts are then cross-referenced with databases from private Internet companies. Microsoft, Apple, Blizzard Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Disney Interactive, Warner Brothers and Sony all participated in the attorney general’s initiative and removed accounts belonging to convicted sex offenders. “The Internet is the crime scene of the 21st century, and we must ensure that online video game platforms do not become a digital playground for dangerous predators, ” NY State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said. “That means doing everything possible to block sex offenders from using gaming systems as a vehicle to prey on underage victims.”

NBC News