Thursday June 21, 2018

NY Has Plenty of #e-Hailing App Choices

Yellow Cab

(Photo credit: alisdair)

On Feb. 15, NYers will finally be able to hail a yellow cab using their smartphone. AM New York reports on four apps competing in this transportation space. Hailo is already a top international cab-hailing app—used in London, Tokyo, Toronto and several other cities. Its automatic payment feature allows users to leave the cab immediately upon arrival at their destination. GetTaxi is another popular international service–used in Moscow, London and Israel. It lets users rate drivers and track previous rides. Uber has already launched in other U.S. cities, including Philadelphia, Chicago and L.A.  If no yellow cabs are available, Uber can arrange livery service for users. TaxiMagic is a relative old-timer–it’s celebrating its fourth year this month. Already in use in several California cities, the app allows users to pre-schedule rides. The per-hail costs on most of these apps start at $1.50, and increase during peak times.

AM New York