Monday June 18, 2018

NY Has the Coolest #Startup Spaces

MakerBot Industries

MakerBot Industries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When Business Insider documented the coolest startup office spaces, it’s not a surprise that most of them are here in NY. AOL Ventures, on Bond and Broadway, has exposed brick walls with large archways, tons of video games, a pool table and an arcade game that measures your stress levels. Squarespace, a blogging platform located in the Flatiron district, has a game room and offers employees free snacks like beef jerky. Quirky, located in Chelsea, helps people invent and sell products. They have a big test kitchen and a workshop with 3D printers. The reception desk is fashioned out of gym lockers. E-commerce site Fab, located on 38th St. has a lot festive chandeliers, whimsical plastic sculptures and Bollywood movie posters. Makerbot, in Boerum Hill, makes and sells items printed by 3D printers. Their “botcave” has rows of 3D printers making all kinds of things.  They even have a vending machine where people can Makerbot toys like small green octopi.

Business Insider