Friday May 25, 2018

NY Tristate Region #Broadband Ranked In USA Top 20


(Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

By Julie DeVito

The NY Tristate Region is ranked relatively high for state broadband infrastructure and policies, as compared to other states across the USA.  According to the  recently-released  “2012 State Broadband Index” survey by TechNet, the bipartisan group says that states with high levels on investment in broadband infrastructure see more economic benefits, stronger communities, improved delivery of government services, and better educational systems.

New Jersey ranked sixth of the 50 states, while NY ranked tenth, and Connecticut ranked 17th.  Of the three, New Jersey was the only state ranked above average on home adoption of broadband infrastructure. NY was at the national average but along with New Jersey has had slow growth rates recently.

The group encourages states to and ranked them on how they foster environments where there is executive and legislative leadership to ensure regulatory barriers in broadband. It also emphasizes the importance of state funding, cooperation about sectors, and planning.

“Simply put, broadband is the foundation for our nation’s continued technology and economic leadership,” said   TechNet president and CEO Rey Ramsey. “We applaud all the states at the top of this index for their leadership in building the broadband infrastructure that is helping deliver economic success and improved quality of life for millions of our fellow citizens.”

The full report is available at http://www.technet.org