Wednesday December 12, 2018

#NYTM Seeks a Larger Role in NY Elections

NY Tech MeetUp, November 2006

NY Tech MeetUp (Photo credit: sd)

The top leaders of the NY Tech Meetup are expected to approve a list of policy proposals this week that will eventually be presented to candidates running for city offices. Proposals include expanding low-cost broadband access, adding more math and science classes in public schools and making government data more accessible. According to The Wall Street Journal, NY’s tech sector is concerned about electing a mayor as tech-savvy as Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Candidates are interested in talking to the tech sector, according to Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures. He told the Journal, “If you really want to win the hearts and minds of the tech community, you’d have to learn our language” But NY Tech Meetup board member Anil Dash says it’s not that simple.  The tech community encompasses a broad spectrum of society that doesn’t act in unison. “It’s venture capitalists and 23-year-old graphic designers in Bushwick,” Dash told the Journal. “It’s labor and management. It’s not traditional allies.”

The Wall Street Journal