Thursday April 19, 2018

#Walmart Shoppers Boo #BoxeeTV

Boxee TV

Boxee TV (Photo credit: deborah.soltesz)

Boxee TV isn’t faring well with Walmart customers. Sold exclusively though the big box store, customers say the new over-the-top Internet video and cloud DVR service from Brooklyn-based Boxee doesn’t work. They also claim it is missing key features. According to Multichannel, reviewers on Walmart.com are largely negative and only 34 percent would recommend the product to a friend.

One Los Angeles buyer wrote that, “it’s painfully obvious that it was rushed to market for the holidays.” A Lewisvile, Texas, shopper wrote, “With antenna hooked up to my TV, I get all local channels except for ABC. With the exact same antenna hooked up to the Boxee TV, I only got 4 channels and only 1 of them worked well at all.” The reviewer went on to say that Boxee TV’s tuner is weak and the cloud DVR doesn’t work because it’s in “beta.” But one Atlanta user said he would “reccomend [sic] to fellow ‘cord cutters.”