Friday April 20, 2018

#Bloomberg Praises NY Tech Scene in his 2013 #StateOfTheCity

Michael Bloomberg was affiliated with Salomon ...

Michael Bloomberg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In his final state of the city speech Thursday, NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg addressed NY as a “global tech hub” including installing more WiFi in the Business Improvement Districts, converting industrial space, and promoting electric cars.

He mentioned that NYC now has a Chief Analytics Officer, Michael Fowers to join Chief Digital Officer Rachel Haot. Bloomberg said that the analytics team will launch a platform to improve the way that all agencies in New York share information. Bloomberg also asked the tech community to help them with data projects including Code Corps, to improve public service such as in the wake of a natural disaster.

Bloomberg also announced the opening of a new Academy For Software Engineering and computer science courses for more schools in the city. These computer science training programs will extend to adults who want to learn IT skills as well.