Wednesday December 12, 2018

Buzzfeed Editor Has Term Coined After Him

BuzzFeed HQ

BuzzFeed HQ (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

Ben Smith, editor in chief of Buzzfeed, has now had a term coined after him. To most people, “BenSmithing” is when an article is written that deals with a Democratic Party scandal, but with the main goal of dismissing the issue at hand. To BuzzFeed colleagues, however, the term is a catchall for joking around with Smith and it can include everything from poor dancing to poor Snapchat decisions.

Smith took over the role as editor of the GIF and list article site in December 2011 after having been a Political reporter and blogger  He’s also known for bringing city politics online fast with his blog The Politicker for The Observer. Buzzfeed believes that the content people see online is determined by what their friends share more than what they seek on the front page of a website.

The New York Times