Sunday May 20, 2018

Entrepreneur Uses City Funding to Create Unique Vending Machine

vending machines stand in a line.

vending machines stand in a line. (Photo credit: midorisyu)

NYers will be soon be seeing a new sleek wall-mounted version of a vending machine at their local bars. The machine, Vengo, will currently is debuted at the Village Pour House at Union Square and offers minty gum and mouthwash in a touch screen and credit-card only payment. Each machine will be custom supplied to match their location

Brian Shimmerlik helped create the machine with a $17,500 grant from the city Economic Development Corp, funding originally for a taxi vending machine proposal. Shimmerlick also received funding from donors and he and his partners are now seeking patents for the machine and hoping to place 10,000 more throughout the city.

NY Post