Monday May 21, 2018

More Outsiders Turn to NYC Startups

English: Brooklyn bridge at night, New York ci...

Brooklyn bridge at night, New York city, NY. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With companies like Seamless Web and FourSquare constantly expanding, NY has become a more popular destination for those wanting to create start ups, according to Crains New York. Lisa Winning, an Australian who came to NY in 2011 to start HeTexted.com is just one of the many who have done so to try and find fortune in technology.

The advocacy and networking group NY Tech Meetup increased it’s membership by 12,000, their largest increase since their founding. Also, of the hundreds of tech companies on the NYTM  “Made in NYC” list are even currently hiring.

Crain’s says that NY is drawing people in for it’s excitement, diversity, and culture but also because of the shift from Internet infrastructure to applications and digital transitions of the fashion, finance, and advertising industries.

Crains New York