Thursday April 19, 2018

NYCLU Releases iPhone #StopAndFrisk App

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Image via CrunchBase

The NY Civil Liberties Union has released an iPhone version of their Android Stop and Frisk Watch application. The mobile application was designed with the goal of helping citizens document NYPD abuse from the controversial “stop and frisk” program. On the app, users are able to upload video, audio, and location data when they witness police stops and the information is instantly sent to the NYCLU. Users can also turn on a “listen” function that alerts users when someone nearby is also using Stop and Frisk Watch.

The Android version, which has been out for seven months, has been downloaded over 20,000 times and has contributed over 5,000 videos and 1,000 written reports with reportedly only 200 actually documenting police incidents. According to the NYCLU, the iPhone version came so long after the Android because of the slower Apple review process as well alterations they needed to make for the functionality of the app on the iPhone platform.