Thursday April 19, 2018

NYPD Partners With Microsoft on Crime-Fighting Technology

Patch of New York City Police Department

Patch of New York City Police Department (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When a 911 is placed about a possible bomb threat somewhere in Manhattan, computer screens at NYPD offices across the city pop up with a warning along with interactive maps, radiation levels, and security footage.

The system itself gives users easier access to arrest records, 911 calls, thousands of security cameras, license plate readers, and radiation detectors, all of which is public data. It is currently in use mostly by the counter-terrorism unit.

This is part of technology from Microsoft that has been in use for a year and the Associated Press estimates that the NYPD could make tens of millions of dollars if they partake in a marketing deal allowing Microsoft to sell the same technology to other agencies. With this deal, the city would receive 30 percent of Microsoft’s profits.

Associated Press