Saturday October 20, 2018

Startup CEO “Fires” Herself After Company Shutters

Welcome to Loosecubes

Welcome to Loosecubes (Photo credit: ajleon)

Cambell McKeller started Loosecubes, which consisted of shared office space for freelance and mobile workers, three years ago in Brooklyn. Now it’s shutting its doors completely, Smart Planet reports.¬†McKeller had experience at Goldman Sachs and in a real estate but had no experience in the technology startup world, turning to books and colleagues for help.

Loosecubes disclosed in 2012 that it has $7.8 million in secure financing and had served 10,000 users. McKeller said that during its time, the company had many fans both techies and non-techies and had made $1.2 million three months after the launch. That being said, when the company relied on funding from ventures, the power began to slip from McKellers hands. They disagreed over how the company should be run and much of the $7.8 million did not come through.

Now, McKeller is working on a nonfiction novel about Silicon Alley.

Smart Planet