Thursday April 19, 2018

Times Square Ranked Happiest Place in NYC

English: Times Square

English: Times Square (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A study conducted by analyzing Twitter messages, Times Square is the happiest place in NYC. Although NYers may disagree, visitors to Times Square said that it’s because people on vacation there are happy, the New York Post reported.

The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Vermont who used a formula to analyze the specific locations of where tweets were sent in relation to key words that are seen as expressing “happiness” or “sadness.” Neighborhoods were not specifically ranked, but it was clear that the highest concentration of “happy” tweets came from the area around Times Square.

The Upper West side was found to be happier than the Upper East side and there were small areas of unhappy tweets in the East Village, Chelsea, the United Nations, Ground Zero, and City Hall.

New York Post