Sunday July 21, 2019

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At #SXSW2013 Foursquare CEO Says App No Longer Requires Check in

Logo for Foursquare

Logo for Foursquare (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CEO Dennis Crowley announced at the SXSW 2013 conference that Foursquare can retain data from users without them even checking in to businesses. Instead, the company wants to maintain itself as a search engine relying on data sent through its API. Among the 40,000 API users are Vine, Instagram, and Path and there are 50 million points of interests in its database that other applications using API can access.

For example Foursquare can track someone who posts a photo to Instagram from one location in the morning and another at night and retain the data.

Of the app’s 30 million individual users and 1 million merchant users, about 65 percent are outside the United States.

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