Saturday February 23, 2019

Midtown Startup #29thStreet Publishing Pushes New Apps

New York City

New York City (Photo credit: kaysha)

From it’s Midtown base, 29th Street Publishing hopes to revolutionize magazine publishing using simple apps for serialized content. There are currently two dozen apps in development at 29th Street.  They promise to make the apps more simple, making the path to subscription easier for writers with online audiences that may not necessarily be paying.

One of their apps is for the website Bygone Bureau, whose editor said that he sees promise in being able to generate revenue to pay his writers using essays already on his website. He’s also considering offering some articles exclusively on the Bygone Bureau app.

Five of the 29th Street apps have been released and are only purchasable through Apple Newsstand. Both Apple and 29th Street receive a cut of the money paid for each app.

The Wall Street Journal