Monday June 17, 2019

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More NYers are Using Digital Tracker Apps

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Image via CrunchBase

When a Teaneck, New Jersey man lost his iPhone5 at Port Authority last year, his friend was able to track his missing phone using a “find my iPhone” app. Now more and more people are using applications like this to find their phones before the phone runs out of battery or is reset.

Instead of reporting thefts to police, some victims are taking matters into their own hands and trying to find their devices themselves. The NYPD had a reported 15,973 thefts of Apple products in 2012, however the Bureau of Justice Stastics says that only 52% of burglary victims reported thefts in 2011. The NYPD, however, do not encourage people to try to recover their own property, according to NYPD spokeswoman Det. Cheryl Crispin.

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