Saturday May 25, 2019

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Queens Drag Queen Films Cooking Show on Flip Camera

Queens. New York

Queens. New York (Photo credit: Dougtone)

Unlike many of the large production cooking shows, drag queen Soraya Sobriedad films her show on healthy Puerto Rican cuisine from the comfort of her cramped apartment kitchen in Queens with a small Flip camera. The camera is operated by his neighbor and episodes are unscripted.

Sobriedad, also Jaime Montalvo Jr., has been filming the show since 2008 and it appears on New York City’s public-access channels. The show’s YouTube videos have over 96,000 views.

Montalvo promotes healthy cooking because when he was growing up eating Puerto Rican foods, much of his diet was rich and many of his relatives were diagnosed with diabetes. With Soraya, he began using healthier ingredients in his cooking and lost 90 pounds.

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