Saturday May 25, 2019

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Lin’s Fans Shoot Knicks’ Online Presence Skyward #Linsanity

Lin's Fans Shoot Knicks' Online Presence Skyward #Linsanity

As the Knicks prepare to take on the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight, one of the side effects of the new-found popularity of their player Jeremy Lin is the skyrocketing web traffic to their team site. Compared to the last two weeks of January, visitors to NY Knicks.com and KnicksNow.com have increased [Full Story…]

Angry Knicks Fan Win Rebate From Time Warner Cable #Linsanity

Angry Knicks Fan Win Rebate From Time Warner Cable  #Linsanity

Time Warner Cable subscriber Marc Zwerdling got a $5.20 credit from the cable giant and on Twitter urged others to do the same.  Zwerdling, a NYer who is angry about missing Knicks games, chatted online with a TWC rep. He offered Zwerdling a free Sports Pass to compensate for missing the New Year’s [Full Story…]

#Linsanity Shoots Knicks’ Web Traffic Skyward

#Linsanity Shoots Knicks' Web Traffic Skyward

Basketball star in the making Jeremy Lin has not only led the New York Knicks to victory in the last several games, he’s also raised the team’s social media stats. In the past week, NYKnicks.com and KnicksNow.com have increased more than 550 percent from the previous week, reaching 4.7 million pages [Full Story…]

Knicks Launch New App for Fans

Knicks Launch New App for Fans

The New York Knicks have launched a new mobile app that gives fans live scores, in-game stats, player bios along with schedule and purchase links. It will incorporate KnicksNow.com content, including player interviews, links to game highlights, photo galleries and the official Facebook and Twitter [Full Story…]

MSG Offers Interactive Gaming For Knicks and Rangers Fans

MSG Offers Interactive Gaming For Knicks and Rangers Fans

CrowdWave, an interactive game system, is now being used by Madison Square Garden to give interactive entertainment to fans at the Knicks and Rangers games. CrowdWave will allow competitive or co-operative mass play, being shown on the GardenVision  scoreboard, where during  time-outs and [Full Story…]

Is Cablevision Destroying ‘Newsday’?

Is Cablevision Destroying 'Newsday'?

The Long Island Press is accusing the Bethpage, LI-based cable operator Cablevision of "destroying" the newspaper which it purchased in 2008, citing: "Contentious" negotiations between management and Newsday’s 1,100-member strong union, the Graphic [Full Story…]

The New York Knicks Host First Game-Day Tweetup

The New York Knicks Host First Game-Day Tweetup

This Saturday, March 27,  the New York Knicks are going host their first-ever tweetup as part of the team's game against the Memphis Grizzlies.  The Knicks have set aside a special seating section in the 100 level of Madison Square Garden for ticket holders to this tweetup, and prior [Full Story…]